About The Race

When disaster strikes, it is easy to see those affected as victims: desolate, destitute, and defeated. Here at Mercy Relief, we see things differently. We see people coming together to help one another, fight back, and protect their way of life. We witness their indomitable spirit, and are committed to supporting it.

Held in observance of World Humanitarian Day, Mercy Relief’s Ground Zero Run for Humanity aims to celebrate this indomitable human spirit as we stand in solidarity with the survivors who have inspired humanitarian work around the world.

13 August 2017 will mark the 3rd installation of Ground Zero Run for Humanity. This race challenges participants with the simulated experience of a survivor’s journey from ground zero – the disaster site – to collect urgent supplies needed in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. Participants will take on a similar challenge as they carry a relief pack weighing 5-7kg for their choice of 1KM (for kids and parent), 5KM or 10KM. See RACE CATEGORIES for the meaning and details behind each category.

This year we are expanding our sustainability practices across the event through partnerships with organisations like The Food Bank Singapore and programmes including Linens for Life™. This furthers the impact and reach of each Ground Zero Run participant. For more details see our RUNNER’S ENTITLEMENTS and RACE ROUTE & PROGRAMMES sections.

Join us as we raise awareness for humanitarian relief efforts within the region, while benefiting families in Singapore. All relief packs from the event will be distributed to local families in need to mark Mercy Relief’s observance of World Humanitarian Day. Last year over 500 relief packs were distributed locally, help us increase this number and sign up today!