Race Categories

1KM Dash For Humanity
Presented By Playpoint

This run is open to children aged 3 to 12 years of age and their parents. Despite their youth, young survivors are often sent by their families to obtain relief supplies in the aftermath of a disaster. In this run, each parent and child team will carry a relief pack weighing approximately 1kg. Through this family-friendly run, Mercy Relief hopes to encouragecompassion and empathy in the young. We believe that kids are never too young to make a difference!

5KM Relief Aid Challenge

This run simulates a survivor’s journey to obtain urgent supplies in the aftermath of a disaster. In the acute relief phase following a disaster, Mercy Relief distributes emergency supplies to survivors, some of whom walk from remote areas through harsh terrains for hours to distribution points. Participants of this run will take on a similar challenge as they carry a relief pack weighing 5kg to 7kg for a 5KM course of sand and paved pathways. Tag teams of two are allowed in this category, so team members can take turns to carry the relief pack.

10KM Race Against Time - Competitive

Drawing inspiration from the time-sensitive rush for safety during a crisis, this race calls for participants to complete a distance of 10KM within a crucial time limit of 80 minutes. The course takes runners through stretches of pathways and sand. Runners may choose to carry a relief pack weighing 5kg to 7kg for the duration of the course. This year, we have introduced sand tracks in the course to better simulate the difficult terrain of a disaster-stricken area.