Delfina Amaral, aged 20, is a mother of three. Her family used to fetch water twice a day from a nearby river for their household use.

“Fetching water used to take up to two hours per trip. Now we can even drink water directly from the spring source.”

With the water distribution network implemented by Mercy Relief, she can now do her chores at her doorstep and spend more time with her children.

Narcisio Luis Ataide (left), is one of the student leaders selected to advise his schoolmates on how they should practice good toilet habits.

“It was eye-opening for us boys to participate in the female hygiene lesson as well. Now that the girls can use the toilets and incinerators, they are encouraged to come to school even during their periods. They do not have to skip school anymore.”

Mercy Relief has worked to bring running water to the school toilets, bringing greater convenience and cleanliness for students like Narcisio.